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Accelerating your AI & Data Science journey.

Our consultants and associates work at the forefront of data science, machine learning and AI applications. Regardless of the type of source data available, Core can provide advisory and technical support to accelerate your AI experimentation and ultimately value creation.

Key industry challenges.

From scaling AI projects from pilot to production, model selection and application, to data validation and ongoing model monitoring.

Developing AI pilot projects (or MVPs) to prove business value and then choosing those to scale to production, can be a challenging process to define and implement.

Choosing the most appropriate model training data sets will directly impact model performance and avoid introducing unintended bias.

Determining the right model or combination of techniques to support your chosen "use-case" can require detailed evaluation. As well as balancing cost vs. performance of the chosen approach.

Once models are deployed they still need to be monitored, refined and fine-tuned to avoid "drift" and to adjust to changing business conditions.

Assembling the optimum team to deliver business value. That's Core.

We’re helping businesses to harness their data and fill critical skills gaps.

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