Case study

Implementing Large Language Models for a UK government agency.

The Client

The client is a UK Government Agency whose primary function is the safety of citizens and security of the country. In the delivery of this engagement, Core Consultants worked for a leading management consultancy, operating globally with a diverse client base including FTSE 100 firms and innovative start-ups, specialising in business transformation and AI solutions.

The Challenge

The client was faced with a substantial backlog of critical tasks and a high staff turnover, causing efficiency issues. They needed an innovative AI/ML solution to streamline their processes. A Hackathon provided numerous technical insights, prompting the need for a strategic integration of these solutions into their business framework with a phased implementation.

The Solution

We meticulously selected the most impactful Hackathon ideas, aligning them with the client's challenges through rigorous evidence and cost-benefit analysis. 

Collaborating with subject matter experts, we crafted adaptable technical architectures and piloted AI/ML solutions using Large Language Models, synthesised and public datasets, ensuring alignment with the client's systems. 

We focused on model explainability, ethical AI practices, and future-proofing, delivering comprehensive drafts for sustainable process evolution. 

Additionally, to accommodate for the large influx of new staff, the tool was designed to include functionality based on new joiner’s input to support them in finding documentation relevant to them.

The Outcome

Our collaborative efforts culminated in the client endorsing a technically and ethically robust approach, marked by a 33% improvement in process efficiency. 

This milestone, a first in their sector, was achieved without sacrificing human-centric elements, as validated by SMEs and user testing. The solution's design enables seamless feature adjustments, safeguarding its relevance in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

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