Data Governance, Quality & Protection.

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Delivering trusted and well-governed data assets.

We understand the foundational importance of data governance, data quality and data protection disciplines to the realisation of business value from data. Whatever your organisational maturity, Core can provide both advisory and technical deployment services to ensure your data assets are documented, managed and protected appropriately, meeting internal and external compliance requirements.

Key industry challenges.

In a data-driven world, the complexities of data governance, data quality assurance, privacy, security, and regulatory compliance are vast.

Ensuring that data governance and quality approaches both support and adhere to regulatory compliance standards.

Defining appropriate data quality standards, implementing ongoing monitoring and driving remediation to support the business demands on data. 

Incorporating Privacy, Security and Data Protection considerations to ensure fairness, transparency and they maintanance of individuals rights.

Establishing a right-sized data governance model that aligns with the organisational structure and complexity, providing robust guide-rails without stifling innovation and value creation.

Assembling the optimum team to deliver business value. That's Core.

We’re helping businesses to harness their data and fill critical skills gaps.

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