Case study

Leveraging predictive models for a Telco company to capture consumer insights.

The Client

The client is a Global Telco company servicing 40m+ UK connections across broadband, mobile, TV and home phone.

The Challenge 

The client was on a mission to amplify their marketing prowess by tapping into previously uncharted consumer segments. The goal was to escalate model production within the marketing department, thereby sharpening the focus of marketing campaigns through a data-driven understanding of consumer behaviour to bolster engagement and interaction with their customer base.

The Solution

Core Consultants engineered an advanced XGBoost Classifier model that significantly improved prediction accuracy, effectively tripling the precision of customer behaviour forecasts for marketing campaigns.

We industrialised robust logistic models and harnessed the power of propensity scores to fine-tune marketing strategies for maximum impact.

Our team automated extensive SQL data extraction processes, adeptly managing massive datasets with over 10 million rows and 400 variables, thereby laying the groundwork for in-depth analytics.

We upheld the highest standards of data integrity, meticulously redacting sensitive information while ensuring clear documentation for the internal teams, thus maintaining privacy and facilitating ease of use.

Our experts championed efficiency improvements in the modelling process and played a pivotal role in the data migration efforts from legacy systems to cutting-edge platforms. Collaboration was key, as our team worked seamlessly within a cross-functional environment, adapting and integrating new methodologies to ensure swift and effective adoption.

The Outcome

The culmination of these strategic efforts translated into a productionised model scheduled to run weekly, informing the marketing team of customers most likely to interact with their marketing campaign. Our targeted, data-driven initiatives empowered our client to forge stronger connections with their customer base and solidify their market position.

What the client says

“Core has not only delivered this work to a high standard but has also built on and improved the existing framework from their knowledge and experience working with Python."

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