Case study

Expert Financial Advisory and Data Analytics for a leading professional services firm.

The Client

The client is a world-leading professional services company operating across several sectors. They were looking for trained consultants who could provide financial advisory and data analytics support to their Financial Crime Department. 

The Challenge

The client’s banking customers were struggling to grapple with data management and visualisation, make sense of vast amounts of financial data and derive meaningful insights from it. Their existing processes were cumbersome, inefficient, and lacked the ability to provide real-time data-driven solutions. 

They required a solution that could ingest data from various sources, standardise it, and store it in a structured database for efficient analysis. Additionally, the client sought a user-friendly tool to create visually appealing and interactive charts that could be easily filtered to extract specific insights.

The Solution

Core Consultants provided a a wide range of expertise in data analytics and programming to aid the development of a powerful Python application. The key features of the solution included:

  • Data Ingestion: The Python application was designed to ingest data from banks in any format, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with various data sources.
  • ETL Process: The application included a robust ETL process that converted and stored the data in a SQL library. This facilitated easy access and retrieval of data for analysis.
  • Interactive Data Visualisation: One of the highlights of the application was its ability to produce aesthetically pleasing and interactive charts. 

The Outcome

The Python application yielded positive outcomes for the client and their banking customers:

1. Increased Efficiency

The application significantly streamlined the data management and analysis process, reducing the time spent on these tasks and enabling more effective decision-making.

2. Enhanced Data Insights

By visualising the data through interactive charts, banking clients gained deeper insights into their financial operations, leading to improved risk management and fraud detection.

3. Cost Savings

The adoption of the Python application led to substantial cost savings for the client's banking customers, as they no longer required expensive licenses for data visualisation tools.

4. Greater Control

The application's flexibility allowed for quick updates and modifications, giving the banking clients greater control over their data analysis processes.

5. Real-time Monitoring

The real-time filtering feature of the charts allowed for proactive monitoring of financial activities and immediate action in response to potential financial crime.

6. Positive Impact on Services

The Python application positively impacted how the client's banking customers delivered their financial services, empowering them with data-driven insights to provide better and more secure experiences for their own customers.

What the client says

"We were struggling to find experienced individuals with the technical skills and business acumen, a critical skills gap which Core helped us to fill in a time sensitive manner.”

Director, Financial Advisory & Data Analytics

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